Recruitment Automation

Save significant time and resources, optimize your hiring budget with our ultimate set of tools from multiple workflows to customized feedback and calendar integrations.
Hirebee candidate database

Easy to use interface

Hirebee candidate database

When it comes to managing your applications on a daily basis, you want an intuitive and simple interface. That is why, we have gone the extra mile to create an easy to use applicant dashboard, allowing you to switch between a list or column view, sort and filter applications, change candidate status with a drag and drop and more.

Multi-level user roles

HireBee offers 4 standard user roles that come with pre-defined permissions. However, we believe that companies have different needs, so we also offer custom user roles and permissions that can be easily created, amended and managed from your HireBee dashboard.

Hirebee hiring workflow

Multiple workflows

Hirebee hiring workflow

We understand that different job positions require different hiring workflows. Our users can create multiple workflows to suit specific department needs and not vice versa. You can either set up all your workflows in advance, and just select one when creating the vacancy, or create a new workflow on the go within a few clicks.

Advanced candidate scorecards

Hirebee offers a complete toolset for creating and  customizing candidate scorecards and effectively collaborating with the hiring team. Unlike many solutions in the market, Hirebee allows you to create fully customized interview scorecards, so you can either choose the default feedback form we offer, or build yours from scratch.

Built-in calendar and mailbox

You don’t need to leave your Hirebee dashboard to schedule an interview with the candidate, book a hiring manager calendar or send a test task to the candidate right from your dashboard. Hirebee has taken care of everything. Including smart notifications, interview invite confirmation by the candidate, Google and Outlook calendar integration and more.

Advanced integrations

We live in an interconnected digital world. That is why we never stop onboarding new integration partners to Hirebee making hiring easy, hassle free and enjoyable for our users. From integrating your corporate email or calendar provider to posting on multiple job boards globally, Hirebee has the right integration partner for everything.

Don’t take our word for it, try it!

You get a 14 day free trial to test all our features. Not sure yet? Register for a demo and one of our customer success managers will reach out shortly.

Don’t take our word for it, try it!

You get a 14 day free trial to test all our freatures. Not sure yet? Register for a demo and one of our customer success managers will reach out shrortly.

Customer testimonial

Talent Acquisition Team improved hiring manager satisfaction by 47%

We are a multinational consulting firm that deals with a lot of recruitment administration, has a multi-level team structure and evolves rapidly. Because Hirebee perfectly covers customizing hiring workflows, comes integrated with multiple service provider platforms and has an easy-to-use interface, it was a definite choice for us. The TA team improved hiring manager satisfaction by 47% and improved time-to-hire by 18%.

Andrew Lee

Head of Talent Acquisition, SmartGT Partners

Frequently asked questions

You can use the 4 available standard roles, with preset permissions or create fully customized ones, assigning specific permissions to them. Moreover, you can have a mix of standard and customized roles for added flexibility.
Smaller teams usually use the 4 available standard roles and don’t have the need to create customized ones, while bigger teams use the combination of both, including roles for the financial department, for security and background check teams, for external recruitment agencies and others.

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Many of the relatively modern recruitment software solutions explicitly target SMBs as their target market...
The use of AI in hiring complements the role of recruiters, in a way that allows them to process and transmit data much more efficiently.