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Intelligent hiring solution for the changing world.

Future-proof hiring for SMBs globally

Hiring is evolving rapidly

We all know that hiring can be highly time-consuming especially for small and medium businesses. Traditional solutions are no longer sufficient to keep up with these fast changes of the new world.

It’s overwhelming and remote hiring only makes things more complicated. But what if there is a solution, that could empower businesses hire better candidtes faster – locally, globally and remote.

Redefining talent acquisition and candidate management

Frustrated with the complexity of talent acquisition solutions available in the market? Can’t keep up with the hiring volume take-off after post-covid? Lack of quality customer support makes things worse? Hirebee is here to help redefining talent acquisition and candidate management with an intelligent, fast, friendly and flexible way. Give it a try today.


Get access to the largest network of 50,000 job sites globally and close vacant positions 10x faster.


Work with an award winning customer success team – friendly and supportive beyond words.


Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to remove bias and save hundreds of hours in candidate screening.


Get maximum flexibility to build hiring workflows and team collaborations tailored
to you needs.

Covering the entire value chain of recruitment

From creating a job requisition to sending an offer to the candidate – Hirebee got you covered

Candidate relationship

Improve candidate experience tenfold
with the right tools.

Reporting and analytics

Improve the hiring process by measuring success
through Hirebee’s ultimate analytics pack.

Smart screening

Screen candidates with built in smart screening
to idenify the best match.

Job distribution

Create a job requisition, approve it internally, publish the announcement on multiple job boards,
your career site and corporate social media accounts.

Recruitment marketing

Elevate your hiring game by utilizing
the right recruitment marketing
tools with Hirebee.

Candidate sourcing

Source candidates from multiple channels and leverage the power
of internal talent pools for maximum results.

Recruitment automation

Create state-of-the-art recruitment
workflow, collaborate with the team
and fully automate your hiring

Who is Hirebee ideal for?

Hirebee is built with small and mid-sized business needs in mind. Find your segment and learn more how we can help you.

Small and medium businesses

If your company employs up to 1,000 people then it is considered an SMB. Hirebee is built with small and mid-size business needs in mind. You get an all-in-one hiring platform, advanced screening tools, recruitment marketing resources and excellent customer support – all at an affordable price. Start your 14 day free trial today or view the stories of how SMBs utilize Hirebee’s capabilities now.

Inspired by your success

What makes us so special? Our customers do! The people we work with every single day inspire us to excell in whatever we do.

Don’t take our word for it, try it!

You get a 14 day free trial to test all our features. Not sure yet? Register for a demo and one of our customer success managers will reach out shortly.

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Handpicked content from our Blog to inspire, inform and teach.