Quick setup and on-boarding process

We offer well structured and seamless client on-boarding process for you to quickly hit the road running.

Complete information about the candidate

Candidate related all information in a neat and structured view, to make the hiring process an enjoyment.

Talent pipelines, tagging and groups

Create unlimited pipelines, tag candidates for easy reference and build groups with advanced functionality.

Advanced search with resume parsing

Use our smart algorithms to search your candidate database, parse resumes for advanced search capabilities.

Candidate previous application history

Track every recruitment stage and archive candidate's application history for future references.

Custom roles and permission

Easily configure roles and permissions within your hiring team and request customization of roles and permissions for advanced flexibility.

Customized workflows and scorecards

Customize the platform based on your internal workflows, add candidate scorecards for each requisition you create.

Visual content posting

Built-in visual studio allows creating appealing job postings from HireBee dashboard to post on your company's page on social media.

Comprehensive HR Analytics

Measure hiring team success with our comprehensive HR analytics with ready-to-be shared reporting format.
Clients worldwide
Hours saved per day
Corporate users
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