Advanced candidate scorecards

Advanced candidate scorecards

When evaluating candidates, you and your team can leave feedback on their profile via feedback forms or candidate scorecards. Feedback forms allow you and your team to grade candidates on whatever criteria you may like, as they are completely customizable for each vacancy. Your team’s feedback is stored in the candidate profile, where everyone’s feedback is visible and can be used to base appraisal decisions. Our feedback forms allow you to create your standardised criteria, by which it becomes easier to assess candidates. Make your criteria with Hirebee, and foster unbiased and collaborative hiring.

Adding feedback forms to your job posts

Creating a vacancy requires that you select by which criteria you’ll be leaving feedback on the candidate. Hirebee offers a default template, which is fairly balanced and sufficient, however you can create your own feedback forms and add them to your vacancies. Applicants for these vacancies will have a feedback section in their profile where you will be able to leave feedback with the chosen criteria. Candidates in the talent pool will have the default feedback forms in their profile.

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