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The 5 essential steps to writing the perfect job description

Write the perfect job description by following these 5 essential steps. Based on extensive research conducted by LinkedIn.

What the 7 Candidate Sourcing Channels Are & How to Use Them

Build a winning candidate sourcing strategy with these 7 channels. Job Boards • Talent Databases • Talent Pooling • Referrals • Networking • Social Media • LinkedIn

Benefits of automating the recruitment processes as competitive advantages

The benefits of automating the recruitment process create the competitive advantages necessary to compete for top talent businesses are craving.

How to reduce candidate screening bias with these 5 hiring hacks

Bias is the ultimate villain in your quest for discerning the best talent. Reduce candidate screening bias with these 5 hiring hacks to save the day.

Why standardization is key for a structured hiring process

In a structured hiring process, every stage and member of the hiring process has a clear objective and purpose. Here's the role standardization plays.

Screening and Evaluating Candidates: An HR Tutorial

An HR tutorial compiled to inspire you to create the perfectly structured recruitment funnel to help you identify the best talent quickly and efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence

In HR, specifically, AI has found its place in the recruitment function. Many of us understand the importance of...

Why No One is Applying for Your Jobs

Now this is all fine and dandy, but how do you know which sources you should focus on most? Well, this is where...

Key Recruitment Metrics for Recruiting Success

The novel coronavirus has slowed down economic activity, and as businesses hit hard look to recuperate and ...

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