Candidate Sourcing

Candidate sourcing is a key part of talent acquisition. That is why Hirebee provides you with a complete toolset to find the best candidates, create multiple pipelines, build a talent pool and source like a ninja.

Sourcing extension

Get our free Google Chrome extension to start sourcing like a ninja in a few seconds. Assign candidates to open job postings or add them to your talent pool for future review. We offer integration with Linkedin, Github and many other platforms to source from.

Creating and managing talent pool

Create an ultimate talent pool to close future openings faster. Get advanced candidate search capabilities and quickly find resumes needed. Upload external candidate CVs within seconds and add them to your talent pool already parsed and structured.

 AI based candidate sourcing

Get the maximum with our ultimate candidate-to-job matching engine, that will help you quickly identify the best matching candidates for a given role based on their skills, experience and previous employment history indicated in the resume. 

Adding candidate resumes manually

Add candidate resumes that you have received from external sources, parse and save either in your Hirebee candidate pool or assign to a current open position you have created. A useful feature, if you have an internal employee referral program or work with an external recruitment agency.

Don’t take our word for it, try it!

You get a 14 day free trial to test all our freatures. Not sure yet? Register for a demo and one of our customer success managers will reach out shrortly.

Don’t take our word for it, try it!

You get a 14-day free trial to test all our features. Not sure yet? Register for a demo and one of our customer success managers will reach out shortly.

Customer testimonial

Improved time-to-hire by 25%

With Hirebee’s multiple sourcing channel integration, we were able to close tech positions faster, cutting time-to-hire by 25%. While, with Hirebee’s flexible user access structure, we created custom roles for our external recruitment agency, who started to add sourced candidates directly into our Hirebee dashboard.
By utilizing these two features alone, our team saved close to 40% time on manual work during the candidate sourcing process.

Amal Mohan

Tech Recruiter, Kiddox

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you need to download the extension from Chrome market and simply login with your Hirebee login credentials. Click here to download the extension on your Chrome browser now.

a)You can source candidates and add them through a Hirebee’s sourcing extension, which is currently integrated with Linkedin, HeadHunter, GitHub, Gmail and Group and other platforms.
b)You can add candidates’ resumes by selecting them from your computer and either assigning them to a specific open position or saving them in your pipeline for future consideration. All resumes manually added are parsed and can be easily searched at a later stage based on keywords and candidate skills.

When you view a candidate profile you are interested in, open the extension by simply clicking its icon in your Chrome browser. A dialogue box will appear on the right side of the browser. To add a candidate profile to your Hirebee dashboard, you can either choose an open position and assign a candidate profile to a specific position, or simply add the candidate to your pipeline for future consideration. In both cases candidate profiles are parsed and can be searched with advanced filters in the future.

Our team of researchers, scientists and engineers have developed a unique algorithm that compares all resumes within the same talent pool to identify which ones are the best match for the given vacancy. The ranking identifies top 5, 10, 15 and 20 candidates showing relevant badges on candidate resumes. The engine also shows a general badge for those applications that did not make to the top 20. Candidate previous experience, background and skills, together with your company’s current and historic hiring decision make up the main aspects our algorithm reviews when making the matching decision.

More features

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