Multi-level user roles

Multi-level user roles

Hirebee offers you the feature of customized user roles where you can set up and give access to different team members, resulting in an easy set up for your hiring team. Although Hirebee comes with 4 predefined user roles ready to be assigned to your team members, you can customize your user roles and create new ones based on different user permissions. This makes it easy to delegate tasks and responsibilities through the platform. Upon adding different users to your hiring team, all you’ll need to do is enter their full name, email address and the user role you’ll be assigning them, which can later be edited by the admin. Therefore, this feature of customizing roles can facilitate collaborative hiring that you and your hiring team can take advantage of.

Add new custom user roles

The features of adding, editing and assigning user roles are only limited to admin users. Moreover, adding new custom user roles is extremely simple and straightforward. When adding a new role, you’ll simply need to give a role name, and scroll through the different user permissions choosing the ones you will be granting to that specific user based on their role in your organization. The various user permissions help make your team collaboration as efficient as possible because of the customization option, resulting in a team collaboration model that is similar to the real-life model followed in your organization’s office. Also, the user permission chart makes it easy for you to follow along and track what permissions are accessed by which user, and these permissions can always be edited and changed.

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