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How Hirebee, Berkeley startup is boosting recruitment with AI technology

Hirebee has been invited to be exhibited at the World AI Cannes Festival, the epicenter of the global AI ecosystem.

15 HR Books That Will Guide You Through 2022 and Beyond

Theories and stories in all spheres; from improving the employee experience with minimal trade-offs with productivity to research-based blueprints for the modern recruiter. All of which are featured in our list of some of the best HR books of 2022.

Why No One is Applying for Your Jobs

Now this is all fine and dandy, but how do you know which sources you should focus on most? Well, this is where...

Key Recruitment Metrics for Recruiting Success

The novel coronavirus has slowed down economic activity, and as businesses hit hard look to recuperate and ...

Why the Candidate Experience is Important

With employer branding on the rise, and competition in the labor market growing, ensuring a good candidate ...

What is Employer Branding? What to pay attention to

There are certain things which are useful to pay attention to for an awesome employer branding strategy...

The War for Talent: Covid’s Touch

The war for talent is multivariable, a lot of events can cause its intensification and de-escalation, and ...

Talent Acquisition Post Covid: Remote Work & Opportunity

Travel restrictions, declines in global trade, quarantine and uncertainty have led to rises in unemployment, closing of businesses, demand shocks, supply shocks and the decrease of money velocity.

Recruiter’s guide: what mistakes to avoid during the interview?

Collect as much data as possible. This way you will be able to compare and analyze candidates on grounds ...

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