Built-in calendar and mailbox

Built-in mailbox and calendar integration

It is extremely important to have an intricate organized approach to managing your company’s relationship with prospective candidates. Furthermore, we know firsthand that it’s not an easy task to switch among multiple email letters and calendar appointments to keep track of your interview scheduling and meetings. With a built-in mailbox and calendar within your dashboard you can trust Hirebee and its features to solve the organizational issues and take care of the communication chain. Hirebee allows you to always be in touch with your candidates, keep their records and be able to find the necessary correspondence easily whenever you need it. On the other hand, the built-in calendar will keep you informed about upcoming interviews.

Built-in mailbox

Our built-in mailbox allows you to have all your mail exchanges centralized within the system. You can create, send and receive emails through our platform and also be able to easily find an exact conversation with a candidate. It is a great opportunity to have a specialized built-in mailbox which will allow you to track the status of your sent messages and keep you updated about your conversations while you go on with your work day. While the general mailbox helps you manage your communication with all of your candidates within the platform, the individual mailbox makes it easier to track your relationship with each candidate separately. You can communicate with the candidate directly from his/her profile and see all the conversations you had with this specific candidate. This is a great opportunity to improve your candidate experience and time management as there is no need to scroll through many conversations to find the one you need. You just open the candidate’s profile and see the entire history of communication, which is also visible in the general mailbox.

Calendar Integration

While you can communicate, invite for a job, send test tasks or get in contact with a prospective candidate for any reason directly from the system, the calendar integration feature will keep you updated and remind you of all your upcoming interviews and meetings. Each time you set up an interview with a candidate, the system offers you to add it to the calendar. All you need to do is to click on the tick and the interview will be automatically added to your calendar. In case you have many interviews scheduled in a day, you can get all the necessary information about each interview meeting by simply clicking on the appropriate meeting in the calendar. Each interview card provides brief valuable information such as the interview time, the candidate’s name, applied position and the date of the application. It also indicates the creator of the position on the dashboard and the status of the invitation both for the candidate and the manager responsible for this stage of the interview. You can even join the meeting directly from the calendar. To keep your meetings completely organized we have integrated Google and Outlook calendars into Hirebee’s dashboard. Each time you add a meeting to your calendar, it is automatically being exported to your Google or Outlook calendar as well. So there is no chance of missing out on any important meeting with Hirebee. Hirebee offers you an ultimate complex solution for your candidate experience so you could have complete control on all stages of your hiring processes.

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