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VivaTech 2022. Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive science – innovations that shape the FUTURE OF WORK.

Viva Technology 2022 was a fantastic event that brought together thousands of people to celebrate technology, showcase the power of the human mind, share, learn and experience innovation for a 4 full-day event in the heart of Paris, France.

15 HR Books That Will Guide You Through 2022 and Beyond

Theories and stories in all spheres; from improving the employee experience with minimal trade-offs with productivity to research-based blueprints for the modern recruiter. All of which are featured in our list of some of the best HR books of 2022.

“Hirebee Bespoke2022” Program

Exciting news! We have now officially launched our annual Hirebee Bespoke2022 Program, a unique program that brings together HR industry leaders and experts to create the world’s first hiring solution customized by HRs for HRs.

Rethinking HR. Summing up the results of Hirebee Bespoke 2021 Program

2021 was a tough year for HR. Many businesses were struggling to adapt to find talents globally and adapt to the new normal, while others just froze their hiring. 

Behavioural economics as a tool to hire and retain top talent

Behavioral economics is a relatively new scientific discipline that comes to bring insights from many other sciences.

The Future of Work

The future of work is the main topic of our interview, we also talked about how technology, the pandemic and AI affects the small and medium business segment in particular,

The War for Talent: Covid’s Touch

The war for talent is multivariable, a lot of events can cause its intensification and de-escalation, and ...

Why You Should Use Recruitment Software in 2021

Many of the relatively modern recruitment software solutions explicitly target SMBs as their target market...

Talent Acquisition Post Covid: Remote Work & Opportunity

Travel restrictions, declines in global trade, quarantine and uncertainty have led to rises in unemployment, closing of businesses, demand shocks, supply shocks and the decrease of money velocity.

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