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The Future of Work

The future of work is the main topic of our interview, we also talked about how technology, the pandemic and AI affects the small and medium business segment in particular,

The War for Talent: Covid’s Touch

The war for talent is multivariable, a lot of events can cause its intensification and de-escalation, and ...

Why You Should Use Recruitment Software in 2021

Many of the relatively modern recruitment software solutions explicitly target SMBs as their target market...

Post-COVID Employment: Remote Work & Talent Acquisition

Whilst unemployment figures improve as innovation and response to the pandemic mitigate its threat, there are...

Recruiters, are you paying attention to Clubhouse?

As the app gains momentum, and more and more people are let in through invitations, everyone is left wondering...

Celebrating Small Business Week During the Pandemic

As businesses have been forced to downsize, the return of economic activity will also see the return of staff.

How Startups Have Been Winning During a Global Pandemic

The pandemic has also given creators and entrepreneurs time to exercise more creative freedom and independence.

Is the Pandemic a New Era for Small Businesses?

As our working dynamics continue to evolve in the face of the pandemic, can it be a gift to small businesses?

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