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Get to know how we converted our vision of making global hiring accessible for every business in the world into the fastest growing hiring solution, and where we are headed.

We had a vision, we saw opportunity

Behind every successful endeavor stands a big vision to revolutionize industries and challenge the status quo. Back in 2020, with every industry being disrupted, our team saw an opportunity to build something big and democratize global hiring for every business regardless of size. With years of international HR tech experience and a strong footprint, our team was well-positioned to build a product customer would love.
Soon after, our efforts were noticed by the prestigious Silicon Valley startup program – UC Berkeley Skydeck and before we knew it Hirebee joined the very competitive, 6-month acceleration program.
Today, we are the fastest growing global hiring solution in the world, with a diverse international team across 3 countries, speaking 12 languages and united with one mission – to help companies hire the best candidates – locally, virtually, and globally.
We proudly work with over 3,000 talent acquisition managers across the globe – from Canada to Australia, and never stop on our way to becoming a better version of ourselves. 

About our product

Supporting our customers and working shoulder-to-shoulder is of utmost importance to us. In fact, it is in our company’s DNA which we’re extremely proud of. Even with Hirebee’s cutting-edge technology, research-based product design, and artificial intelligence-powered features, our customers perhaps value the caring essence of Hirebee’s team the most. We have manifested to learn and grow along with people we work with every single day, support their hiring and scaling efforts, listen and implement their feedback and never stop innovating.
Our aim is to become the leading HR solution for the mid-market segment and we have a line-up of great companies to support us in our journey.

Our geography

Our aim is to become the world’s leading recruitment software for mid-market segment.

South East Asia



Latin America

North America

Winning support

Our aim is to thrive with our clients and to provide outstanding customer experience.

Cutting edge

Our aim is to provide cutting edge technology to solve human problems.

Top of mind

Our aim is to become platform of choice for mid-market segment worldwide.

Our offices
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United Kingdom
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London EC1N 8BA
+44 1202 099909
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Our achievements

20000 +
hires per month
1000 +
hours saved per day
3000 +
happy talent acquisition managers

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