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“Hirebee Bespoke2022” Program

Exciting news! We have now officially launched our annual Hirebee Bespoke2022 Program, a unique program that brings together HR industry leaders and experts to create the world’s first hiring solution customized by HRs for HRs.

Rethinking HR. Summing up the results of Hirebee Bespoke 2021 Program

2021 was a tough year for HR. Many businesses were struggling to adapt to find talents globally and adapt to the new normal, while others just froze their hiring. 

We’ve done the math – A good Applicant Tracking System can help you save 20% of your recruiters’ time and ensure 560% ROI

Recruitment software platforms, applicant management systems and other HRTech products have been around ...

Winners Of Struggle During A Global Pandemic: Here From Entrepreneurs, Companies, And Founders! 

The pandemic has also given creators and entrepreneurs time to exercise more creative freedom and independence.

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