Multiple workflows

Multiple workflows

Candidates don’t enter and leave the pipeline the same way for every job. For some different jobs or departments, you might want to deter from using the same workflow, and mix things up by adding different hiring stages to the process. Or alternatively, if you do use the same workflow with every type of candidate, you always have the option to change that workflow as you please. With Hirebee, you can build as many different workflows as you’d like, composed of as many different hiring stages as you’d like. We provide you with default templates for different hiring stages you may want to add to your workflow, but we also give you the option to create your own hiring stages, completely custom.

Adding workflows to job postings

Every job posting is composed of a workflow, by which candidates are moved through different hiring stages. Hence on each one, you’ll have to select from your workflows the one you’ll be using for a job posting, and the candidates assigned to the job will move through the recruitment funnel accordingly.

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