Multiple workflows

Multiple workflows

Candidates don’t enter and leave the pipeline the same way for every job. For some different jobs or departments, you might want to deter from using the same workflow, and mix things up by adding different hiring stages to the process. Or alternatively, if you do use the same workflow with every type of candidate, you always have the option to change that workflow as you please. With Hirebee, you can build as many different workflows as you’d like, composed of as many different hiring stages as you’d like. We provide you with default templates for different hiring stages you may want to add to your workflow, but we also give you the option to create your own hiring stages, completely custom.

Adding workflows to job postings

Every job posting is composed of a workflow, by which candidates are moved through different hiring stages. Hence on each one, you’ll have to select from your workflows the one you’ll be using for a job posting, and the candidates assigned to the job will move through the recruitment funnel accordingly.
Creating hiring workflows with Hirebee

Creating a new workflow from scratch

Creating a new workflow from scratch requires you to piece together different hiring stages, and revise the content within them. You’ll have 17 default hiring statuses to choose from, as well as the option to compose an entirely new hiring status. The workflow is composed by dragging the hiring statuses you have, default or custom, and dropping them into your workflow. You can also use drag-and-drop to arrange the order of the hiring statuses. The contents within the hiring statuses are simply the name of the workflow; options to send mail upon status change, show email template before sending mail and adding to calendar; and the email templates themselves, where you can choose your default template and include the candidate’s name and the job title in the email.

Email templates

Having email templates prepared and sent to candidates upon status change is not only great for saving time on communicating with your candidates, but it also helps you actually communicate with the candidate. You can still personalize your emails before sending them to candidates, so with no drawbacks; you can save time on communication and improve your candidate experience. You can also have multiple email templates prepared for each hiring status, whereby you must choose the default template which will be sent upon status change if you don’t edit the mail.
Creating email templates for hiring

Changing hiring status

Candidates’ hiring status can be changed both directly from their profile or from the applicant list. Once changed, the default email template of the hiring status will show up, where you’ll be able to edit and personalize the email if you would like to. Additionally, you can add attachments to the email, schedule the email, add it to your calendar, and even use our integration with Zoom to schedule an interview. Keeping your candidates informed with their job application and automating your communication with them is great with HireBee, as you’ll always have the option to customize your email, but can still swiftly move your candidates through your hiring process, whilst maintaining the candidate experience.

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