Advanced integrations

Advanced integration

Hirebee includes all the necessary powerful tool sets and features for making your recruitment process super effective and easy at the same time. It is extremely important to keep up with the fast growing hiring tendencies but this is not an easy task. This is why Hirebee has the right integration features for everything – from integrating your corporate email or calendar provider to posting on multiple job boards globally.

50,000+ global job boards

Integrating job boards with your job posting from one central platform can help you save time, recruit global talent and centralize your job distribution. Hirebee’s single-click job board integrations ensure that no time is wasted in connecting you to various job boards. Best of all — you can even handle your sponsored and paid job board postings directly from Hirebee’s platform. Hirebee’s integration with more than 50 thousand global job boards means that this feature is functional for most corners of the world. Furthermore, users can take advantage of the various job boards they can access, and employ the job boards which deliver the best results for each job position and location. Hirebee’s job board integration can also be utilized to incorporate global hiring into your recruitment process.

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