Job Distribution

Hirebee fully automates the vacancy posting process – from job requisition to publishing the announcement on multiple job boards, your career site and corporate social accounts.

Create a job requisition within seconds

Hirebee will help your HR team to build strong collaboration between the hiring managers and senior stakeholders within the organization by fully automating the job requisition process. We help hundreds of teams every day, to create, request and approve job requisitions, easily and hassle free. Click here to learn more about creating job requisitions.


3000+ global job boards

To successfully close a position, talent acquisition managers need fresh and relevant candidate flow. We know how to make this process more optimized and less timely. Hirebee offers integration with 3000 + job boards globally to help you reach out to the best talent.

Connect your corporate career site

Sharing company vacancies through your corporate career page is no brainer, it just needs to be super easy to set up. This is why Hirebee has created a one-click integration with your corporate career site saving thousands of hours and  automating application workflow.

Publish vacancies directly on corporate Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts

Never underestimate the power of corporate accounts on social media. Easily post the vacancy on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter and start collecting relevant applications right on your Hirebee dashboard. You can also create a nice looking visual with our built in visual-studio.

Don’t take our word for it, try it!

You get a 14 day free trial to test all our freatures. Not sure yet? Register for a demo and one of our customer success managers will reach out shrortly.

Don’t take our word for it, try it!

You get a 14-day free trial to test all our features. Not sure yet? Register for a demo and one of our customer success managers will reach out shortly.

Customer testimonial

New level of collaboration between company’s head-office TA team and countrywide branch network management

Barton Partners, a cross-country consulting company with around 1,000 employees, effectively uses HireBee’s customized candidate scorecards to enable smooth hiring process in remote branches, after the initial video interview is conducted by head-office talent acquisition team. Tailored candidate scorecards for each region allows to deliver a more optimized candidate experience and advanced collaboration between head-office and branch network.

Noah K. Diller,

Head of TA, Barton Partners

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the company’s internal hiring procedures, the Hiring Manager creates a detailed or general description of the new position, indicating employment terms, requirements and providing other details as required. Talent Acquisition team reviews and automatically converts the requisition to a job announcement which is then published and distributed.

Yes, Hirebee offers free and premium job boards to post your announcements. All you need to do is to select which type of job boards you prefer and follow the instructions. In case of premium job boards, you can pay for the posting on the spot. 

The person posting to a corporate social media network, should have admin rights to the specific corporate page. When you finish creating the job posting and are ready to publish, the platform will prompt you to post on your Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can either post the vacancy as a link or select a nice looking visual to attach to your posting through our visual studio.

Yes, you can create a private job posting that you can share with your team for internal positions. These types of vacancies are only accessible through a special link HireBee generates. The internal job postings do not appear on your career page.

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What you need is a single platform through which you can manage all of your job postings with ease. Not only do you save time through centralizing your job distribution, but you also keep the process more organized and effective.