Adding candidate resumes manually

Adding candidates’ resumes manually

Hirebee isn’t only perfect for your online recruiting needs, but it can also be used for your offline recruitment as well. Candidates sourced offline or from external sources can easily be added to your candidate database through filling out certain fields which make the candidate profile functional within the system. Making Hirebee compatible with hires from external sources helps centralize more of your recruitment, because we know our customers would love to use Hirebee for all of their hires. Candidates can be added either through manually filling out the required fields, or through using our resume parser. Fields undetected by the resume parser can be manually edited and added.

Creating a candidate profile

For the candidate profile to be functional and actionable, key information about the candidate will need to be included in their profile. Once done, your added candidate will have a functioning profile which can be used to move through all your recruitment processes provided by Hirebee. Candidates can be manually added as job applicants or as passive candidates in your talent pool. To complete the profile of your new candidate, you’ll need to only provide a name and a surname. However, providing an email, phone number, location, source and a CV will help improve the functionality of the candidate profile. Providing an email will enable easy communication through our system; a location and source can be useful for yourself for future reference, as well as useful for your analytics which report on these statistic; a phone number can also be useful as an additional medium for contact, in case you need to urgently inform your candidate about something; and a CV is necessary for our AI ranking to determine a ranking for the candidate. All in all, adding all the details you can lets you use our powerful features which makes recruiting easier and more precise.

Resume parsing and AI ranking

Adding candidate CVs or resumes to their profile allows our software to give your candidate an AI ranking. In short, our resume parser identifies key information from your candidate’s CV or resume to receive information on their work experience, professional skills and personal skills, and sees how well this corresponds with job requirements of their assigned job to ultimately give them a ranking, to indicate how relevant the candidate is for the job. This AI ranking is later stored and displayed on your candidates’ profiles, and can later be used for sorting your candidates by relevance and as an indicator to who your top candidates are. Prioritizing your best candidates by using automated AI rankings as a guide will increase your chances of hiring the top candidates which will likely receive job offers from multiple employers. You get them through your recruitment funnel faster, improving the candidate experience, and increasing the likelihood of sending a job offer before other employers. Overall, AI ranking presents new opportunities for users to strengthen the precision of their recruitment, and to boost the candidate experience of their top candidates. A tool designed to boost your KPIs and insert confidence into the decision-making process.

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