Creating and managing talent pool

Creating and Managing Talent Pool

When it comes to managing talent pools and job applicants, there are many advantages in going digital — and achieving this with Hirebee. With the advancements in the recruitment space, and the rapid growth of modern HR tech adoption into hiring teams — choosing to store your candidate data in a recruitment purpose-built database is a no-brainer. Managing your talent pool with Hirebee eliminates the need to keep many useless spreadsheets and manage slow paperwork. On top of that, the advantage of enabling advanced filters, searching and sorting candidates makes reviewing candidate profiles fast and easy. You can also manage talent pools of passive candidates, who haven’t applied for a job yet, but have been sourced and added to the platform. Keeping such a talent pool is great for the management of future hiring needs, where you’ll be able to send job offers to your previously sourced talent and increase the supply of candidates for your vacant positions. This way, Hirebee can help you meet your existing and future demands, which results in sustainable growth and scaling.

Adding Profiles to the Talent Pool

Users need to fill in some required and optional fields, such as the candidate’s email, resume and personal information,and a candidate profile will be created and stored in the talent pool. Alternatively, candidates sourced from LinkedIn & GitHub can also be added to the talent pool using the Hirebee sourcing chrome extension. Having a convenient way to add candidate profiles to the talent pool not only speeds up the process, but ensures that the candidates will add value to your recruitment later on. The robust functionalities which come with the system make it easy to take action and find the relevant talent for a job opening.

Filtering, Searching and Sorting

Some of the robust functionalities which add tonnes of value to the candidates added to the talent pool are filtering, searching and sorting. These features are very valuable specifically when you’ve opened a job position, and will now need to find the relevant candidates from your talent pool. Instead of skimming through emails, resumes and spreadsheets, use the power of indexed data to find the exact candidates you’re looking for. With the inclusion of keyword searching, users can search and filter candidates by almost all data that’s been added into a candidate’s profile. Candidates can also be sorted out by the time added to the talent pool, as well as their relevance, determined by Hirebee’s AI rankings.

Assigning Candidates to Job(s)

Candidates can be immediately assigned to jobs when they are manually added to the candidate’s talent pool. However, users can very quickly assign candidates in the talent pool to job(s). When doing so, a list of all the vacant job positions show up, from which users select the jobs to assign the candidate to. On the other hand upon assigning jobs to specific candidates, these candidates will not be removed from the talent pool, as they may not be selected for the job, but may still be potential candidates for future job openings. Hirebee’s talent pool makes managing your relationship with candidates easier, and along with other useful features such as our candidate history, keeping track of the relationship with prospective candidates is made fairly easy.

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