Sourcing Extension

Sourcing Chrome Extension

Chrome extensions make candidate sourcing whilst browsing for candidates easier and faster. Hirebee’s sourcing chrome extensions function alongside LinkedIn, GitHub, HeadHunter, and Gmail by adding candidates to your talent pool or assigning them to jobs directly from these platforms. This process can encourage users to source more actively because it is so easy to employ it in your recruitment process and it makes the sourcing task less intimidating.

From data entry to profile creation

After syncing the sourcing extension with your Hirebee account, all you will need to do when sourcing candidates from any of the aforementioned websites, is to fill out the necessary fields to create a profile. Depending on the available information on the candidate’s profile, some, if not most of the fields will be auto-filled. For example, a CV can be generated automatically from a LinkedIn profile’s job experiences, skills, etc. Users can also add hashtags and comments to the candidate’s profile, which functions well with Hirebee’s searching and filtering capabilities. The purpose of this feature is not only to make sourcing as easy as possible, but to also preserve the candidate profile’s functionality.

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