AI based candidate sourcing

AI based candidate sourcing

AI based candidate sourcing is very helpful for a multitude of reasons. Based on the job requirements, the candidate’s skills, experiences, and previous employment history, the multi-dimensional index is a comprehensive way of indicating who the best candidates are for all of your vacancies. The AI ranking showcases your candidates’ profiles’ compatibility with the job position they’re assigned to. Having an index to go by can help organize the order of reviewing candidates, and use the ranking to quickly know the candidates’ compatibility with the job.

AI ranking as an indicator

AI rankings are given to candidates in the form of a badge which indicates if they are in the top 5, top 10, top 20 or outside of the top 20. For complete profiles, you’ll always find their AI ranking badge in their profile and next to their name in the list of applicants. It can generally serve as a good guide for sourcing the most qualified candidates, and can improve precision in the decision-making process.

Sorting candidates by relevance

This is yet another great way to introduce Hirebee’s AI ranking system to your recruitment process. This feature allows you to sort candidates by relevance, which means sorting candidates by how well they match with the respective job. This, in turn, can introduce new priorities such as the order of reviewing candidates. Prioritizing your best candidates by using automated AI rankings as a guide will increase your chances of hiring the top candidates who will likely receive job offers from multiple employers. Therefore, your chances of recruiting these top candidates will increase with Hirebee because of the different Hirebee features that improve the candidate experience by increasing the speed of your recruitment funnel. Overall, AI rankings present new opportunities for users to strengthen the precision of the recruitment, and to boost the experience of top candidates. Therefore, this is a tool designed to boost your KPIs and insert confidence into the decision-making process.

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