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Hirebee.ai exhibits at Europe’s biggest tech and startup event Viva Technology 2022

Hirebee is exhibiting at the biggest tech and startup event in Europe - Viva Technology 2022, which takes place from 15th to 18th of June in Paris, France. 

The ultimate guide to candidate sourcing online

An ultimate guide to reveal the benefits of candidate sourcing online, and how you can get up and running to start sourcing candidates like a ninja!

Recruitment Reporting and Analytics with Hirebee

Reporting and analytics has become much easier through the introduction of cutting-edge technology into the...

“Hirebee Bespoke2022” Program

Exciting news! We have now officially launched our annual Hirebee Bespoke2022 Program, a unique program that brings together HR industry leaders and experts to create the world’s first hiring solution customized by HRs for HRs.

Recruitment Marketing with Hirebee

Companies can further increase their visibility by linking their social media pages such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, as well as by integrating their career website to reveal job opportunities to prospective candidates.

Hirebee’s Branded Career Pages

Looking to show off your company culture and advance your employer brand? What you need is an awesome branded..

How You Can Use LinkedIn for Recruiting

LinkedIn has become the hallmark of work-life integration. The professional networking site has certainly evolved to more than just that, with posts and discussions not being strictly confined to a professional setting.

Challenges Posed by Virtual Job Interview

Another problem that may come with virtual job interviews, which is connected with limited body language is...

You Don’t Need an HR Team for Recruitment Success

Sharing candidate profiles, leaving feedback on candidates with feedback forms, a specialized interface which...

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