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Branded career page

Taking into consideration the importance of employer branding, we have created all the necessary tools which will allow you to best introduce your company to your prospective candidates. We highly recommend you to fully complete your career page and provide as much information about your company as possible. This will provide your potential candidates with confidence in your company and encourage them to apply and therefore, this will result in an increase in the flow of relevant candidates for your vacancies. You can upload your logo, set a background, talk about your company, add video/photo materials, testimonials from your employees. You can utilize all this content to enhance the candidate experience while they are in the process of getting to know your company. We offer an additional section so you could share any information with your audience and build a positive image of your company. You can choose the color of the main page and buttons corresponding to your brandbook, so candidates will associate your career page with your brand easily.

Use your branded career page as a landing page

Having a nice looking career page with valuable content gives you the opportunity to use it as a landing page and share it with whomever and however you want. Your career page encompasses all your created external job posts and there is also a section that mentions the benefits your employees get when they start working in your company. Furthermore, we offer a large list of standard benefits you can choose from but if needed you can add custom ones. Once you have completed the company page and created the benefit section, the same information will be shown in each job opening page. Therefore, there is no need to mention the benefits and talk about your company each time you post a job opening. You can share the link to your company page with all your vacancies, or give the link of an exact job posting. No matter where you share the link, all the candidates who applied to your vacancies will be collected in your Hirebee dashboard, where all the necessary tools are present for the best candidate management. Boost your employer brand, stand out from competitors and compete for the best talents.

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