3000+ global job boards

3000+ global job boards

Integrating job boards with your job posting from one central platform can help you save time, recruit global talent and centralize your job distribution. Hirebee’s single-click job board integrations ensure that no time is wasted when connecting to your favorite job boards. Best of all — you can even handle your sponsored and paid job board postings from Hirebee’s platform. Hirebee’s integration with more than 3000 global job boards means that this feature is functional for most corners of the world. Furthermore, users can take advantage of the various job boards they can access, and employ the job boards which deliver the best results for each job position and location. Hirebee’s job board integration can also be utilized to incorporate virtual global hiring into your recruitment process.

Integration with LinkedIn, Monster, ZipRecruiter, HeadHunter and more

Hirebee is integrated with the largest job boards such as LinkedIn, Monster, ZipRecruiter and HeadHunter. This integration provides you access to all the job boards you require in order to ensure that you can manage all your online job distribution within one platform. We provide users with a wide array of options, as many industry-specific and location-specific job boards can be optimal alternatives to global job boards which cover all industries.

Single-click job board integrations

The last step of the job posting process is choosing which job boards and social media platforms will be used to promote the job postings. For job boards with a direct integration with Hirebee, you can simply click on the boards you would like to post to and you’re good to go. Whilst for job boards without a direct integration, you can click on them and it takes you to their site in a new window where you’ll have to post the job. At the end, all the job postings are linked to your system, where your applicants will be stored and tracked and their profiles will show which job board they have been sourced from. Collecting all the information regarding your applicants from your distributed job postings in one place saves a lot of time, in terms of signing and checking up on applicants in each individual job board. Instead, all your applicants are readily available in your system, with actionable and robust profiles created for each individual applicant.

Sourcing channel analytics

Another great benefit comes from having all your applicants who have applied through your distributed job postings in one system. This in turn, offers the opportunity to pull reports and analytics. Indexing data from all your applicants can bring you important reports which can indicate the overall efficiency of your recruitment funnel. The most relevant report to our integration within various job boards is the sourcing channel reports. Our sourcing channel reports will help you identify your best performing job boards, which can in turn assist you to allocate your budget for paid job boards. Furthermore, sourcing analytics such as job view per source and applicants per source are good indicators of your best-performing job boards. This will assist you to understand your performance across different job boards and help you prioritize which job boards you should be spending your budget on. Additionally, users can improve their job board integrations, by simply using them and determining the job boards they’ll be prioritizing after taking a look at our analytics that showcase their performance across these job boards. You pick which job integration works best for you, instead of us picking them for you, which allows you to freely choose to employ whichever platform you believe is the most efficient and effective for your job vacancy promotion.

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