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The template below is used to provide guidance to workers that are working remotely. It gives a few tips on how to make working remotely easier for you. You can adjust the template for your own needs.

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  • Create an everyday work schedule: Simply put, Organize your day as if you are at the office performing work physically. Stick to a schedule, plan your breaks, and develop routine in general. This will assist you in remaining focused and maintaining a healthy level of energy.
  • Maintain a regular work schedule: In a similar vein, try to stick to your work schedule as much as possible. We expect you to work for a set number of hours each day; if you need to adjust this schedule for personal reasons, talk to your manager first. Allow your team members to contact you at any time during the day, and be available to them – they will be there for you as well.
  • Maintain an online presence: Maintaining contact with your team and coworkers is critical. To receive your team’s requests and queries, you should often check your email and [message app] on a frequent basis. Maintain a current calendar and turn your camera and microphone on during meetings. If you have any problems with any of your primary tools, [e.g., mention main tools or apps], contact [IT/other department] at [address and/or phone number] for immediate assistance, and notify your team leader.
  • Check your internet connection: Make sure you have a safe and fast enough internet connection to keep things moving at all times. Don’t connect to untrustworthy providers and follow all internet security standards.
  • Designate a specific workspace for yourself: Having a separate room/desk/corner where you can sit comfortably only for work can allow you to concentrate better. Keep all of your essentials within easy reach. If you live with relatives or roommates, be open and honest with them about your work demands, especially while you’re on the phone with coworkers, clients, or partners.
  • Inhibit any distractions during work: Whether it’s surfing through social media or preparing lunch, it’s best to keep work and personal obligations separated from one another. This will allow you to maintain your concentration and devote your time to your responsibilities.
  • Share your ideas with your supervisor and coworkers: Working from home can sometimes make you feel like you’re missing out. Keep in mind that your supervisor and team members are always willing to listen to your suggestions and updates. Accept their criticism to improve your performance, and feel free to share your concerns with them.
  • Remember to interact and enjoy your time: Coworker’s relationships are crucial. Having them only virtually present can be perplexing. The good news is that you can still get to know them through one-on-one meetings and phone calls. When you can, share a laugh and socialize. We have faith in your ability to maintain a work/personal life balance.

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