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The template found below is used to task candidates to provide references for them. Asking for references usually occurs after the first/second step of the hiring process. You can of course add your own details to the template.

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Below you could find the template for a general reference letter;

Dear (recipient name),

I am writing this reference letter to express my support for [employee name]. [He/She/They] worked as a [employee job title] for us at [company name] and [reported to me/ worked with me] in my role as [insert your job title].

[employee name] was always [insert professional work quality] as a staff member. [He/she/they] managed to [insert example] throughout [his/her/their] time on my team.

Among my team members, I’ve always prioritized [insert quality], and [employee name] has never failed to deliver. When [insert example] happened, for example.

[Employee name] is a pleasure to deal with, and I would hire [him/her/them] again without any hesitation.

Please contact me at [phone number] if you have any further questions or concerns about [him/her/them].

Thank you so much.

Kind regards,

[Insert your name and signature here]

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