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This list of Procurement Manager interview questions offer a comprehensive perspective into the different types of questions that you could ask your prospective candidates to fill up your vacancy. 

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Procurement Manager Interview Questions:

Procurement Managers are in charge of purchasing items for your firm, either for use or for resale. They are in charge of negotiating the best prices for items and services on the market.

market in order to reduce the company’s purchase expenditures.

The responsibilities of a Procurement Manager include collecting data, evaluating prices, and performing market analysis, and this is why applicants with finance or economics experience are an asset to your company. You can also look for applicants who have prior expertise negotiating and arranging supplier contracts and processes in the supply chain.

Your candidates should be able to make quick decisions in order to be considered for this position. Your ideal candidates have the ability to ‘read’ the market and recommend cost-saving strategies. If the Procurement Manager is in charge of a group of buyers, you should additionally include questions to evaluate your performance candidates’ ability to lead a team.

Operational and SItuational questions:

  • How do you conduct market research and analysis? What are the tools you utilize for this?
  • What might prompt you to seek out a new vendor?
  • Have you worked with any supplier or third-party management software before?
  • How do you ensure that orders are delivered on-time?
  • What would you do if a supplier informed you that there was a shipping delay?
  • What would you do if a department wanted to order equipment that was out of budget?
  • How do you assess the quality of a product? What should you do if you receive a flawed product?

Role-specific questions:

  • Walk us through the purchasing procedure step by step?
  • What are the most important criteria to consider while selecting suppliers?
  • What is the definition of a Qualified Products List (QPL)?
  • What are the most important procurement metrics?
  • What system do you use to keep track of your supplies?
  • What is the definition of risk management?
  • Are you knowledgeable on the different warehouse safety regulations?

Behavioural questions:

  • Tell us about a time when a buyer didn’t act as expected (under-performance). What are the measures that you took?
  • How do you deal with supplier disagreements? Please provide some examples on the steps you took to resolve disagreements.
  • Explain in detail a time when you were able to secure a bargain.
  • Have you ever had to terminate a vendor agreement? What went wrong?
  • How do you expand your network of industry experts, such as suppliers?

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