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This sheet contains a comprehensive list of interview questions that evaluate a variety of different skills and expertise.

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Hotel Manager Interview Questions:

The career path into becoming a Hotel Manager (also known as a General Manager or Operations Manager) can vary with the different specialty backgrounds that they have. For instance, they can have a background in rooms, a sales background, or a food and beverage background. In addition to their specialty background, they will usually have a Bachelor’s degree in Business or Hospitality Management. Furthermore, it is an asset if they have a marketing background, specifically if the organization that will hire them is an independent hotel that conducts its own marketing process.

This work position requires strong leadership abilities because the prospective candidate will be in charge of the hotel’s strategic direction as well as the day-to-day operations. Furthermore, candidates should have experience hiring, training, supervising, and motivating employees. In addition to that, they must exercise sound judgment when delegating, scheduling, and getting the most out of their staff.  Above all, they should comprehend that a happy and comfortable team environment is as important as happy and comfortable customers.

The interviewed candidates will be more likely to elaborate and explain their relevant hotel experience thoroughly if you use open-ended and situational interview questions. You’ll also be looking for details that aren’t listed on their résumé. Furthermore, candidates who are outgoing, confident, sympathetic, and service-oriented should be on your radar. The best fit for the position will have a solid understanding of who your clients are and will be ready to cleverly think and ask questions that are specific to your hotel.

Operational and Situational questions:

  • Describe the hotel where you worked previously. What was the hotel capacity? What kind of customers did you have? What expectations did they have in mind?
  • What would you do to catch up on everything if you were starting work at a new hotel tomorrow?
  • At your prior hotel, how did you increase the top-line revenue?
  • In your current/previous hotel, how have you saved time or cut costs?
  • Describe an instance when you rolled out a new policy or piece of technology to your team.
  • How do you manage and supervise hotel employee training?
  • How do you motivate your employees to be loyal and trustworthy?
  • Tell us about an instance when you worked with your team to improve your hotel’s service.
  • How did you handle staff reports and occupancy records at your prior hotel?
  • Tell us about a time when a member of your team gave you negative feedback. How did you deal with it?
  • What would you do if your hotel had to make a round of layoffs?
  • How do you prioritize activities like repairs and maintenance?
  • You anticipate a large number of people checking in simultaneously and at the same time. What would you do to accommodate this large group in terms of front desk scheduling?
  • What advertising events have proven to be successful for you in your previous experiences? On the other hand, what promotional events weren’t as successful?
  • How were you able to manage client complaints at your prior hotel?
  • Describe an instance when you had to deal with a particularly enraged customer.
  • Tell us about a moment when you converted a bad situation with a guest into a good one.
  • How have you collaborated with your team to go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service?
  • Have you ever stayed at our hotel as a guest before? What new changes could you incorporate for the betterment of our hotel?

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