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This sheet contains interview questions that can help you choose the candidates that are qualified and have essential skills that qualify them for the vacant job position.

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Chief Operating Officer (COO) interview questions:

Chief Operating Officers (COO) are responsible for all company procedures and day-to-day activities as they are under their supervision.

They are also in charge of maintaining firm operations and carrying out long- and short-term organizational strategies.

Your company’s COO may have many different duties and tasks, therefore it is important for them to have extensive past experiences in business environments and are capable of multitasking. They are generally working behind the scenes because of the nature of their responsibilities, therefore, it is important for them to have developed skills related to organizing and coordinating. It will be an advantage to your company if you hire a candidate whose background is relevant to your industry because they will have a deeper knowledge on what it takes for the company to function and perform well. In order for you to find the best candidate for your vacant position, you can tailor the questions below to meet the requirements of the position.

The COO position is a senior management position, therefore, you should search for professionals who have a high level of expertise, interpersonal abilities, as well as financial acumen. Furthermore, the ideal applicant will serve as the company’s second-in-command. in-command. This suggests that they should possess strong leadership skills and be capable of interpreting your organizational culture and being able to translate the company’s vision into lucrative operations and growth strategies.

Operational and Situational questions:

  • What are the most critical characteristics of a company’s culture?
  • What are the steps that you take to resolve any disagreements that you may have with the company CEO?
  • Tell us a bit about your decision making style and give us examples of situations where you had to make a decision on spot.
  • Walk us through a typical day at work and your tasks. How do you make sure to prioritize your daily tasks?
  • What are some of the analysis software tools that you have used in your previous work positions?
  • What are the steps you take to prepare forecasting reports for quarterly office costs?
  • In your opinion, what are some examples of effective performance appraisal systems?
  • How do you think you would be able to contribute to fundraising projects?
  • What are some company policies that you believe we should incorporate?
  • If we come across a new vendor for hardware supplies that will make us save costs but one problem that we have is that their shipping is not as reliable as our previous vendors, what would you do?
  • How do you keep yourself updated with the company’s progress? Do you utilize any specific metrics that are useful for keeping up with this progress?
  • What do you think is the most efficient and effective way to offer and receive feedback?

Behavioral questions:

  • Tell us about a time when the management and upper administration of your company were not able to make a decision. How did you react and what did you do to persuade them?
  • What are some new processes and procedures that you implemented in your previous company to help the operations of the company?
  • Explain to us a time-saving solution that you recommended and incorporated to your previous company.
  • Describe to us an incident where you and your team were able to achieve a specific goal. How did you help to keep the team’s spirit up and highly motivated?
  • What are the biggest challenges and obstacles that you have faced so far? How were you able to handle and overcome them?

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