An intake meeting request: From the recruiter to the hiring manager

Email Subject Line: Intake meeting for [X] position / Let’s talk about [X] position Hello [Name of Hiring Manager], I hope this email finds you well. I’d like to set up a meeting to discuss the requirements and ideal applicant profiles for the [job title] position we’re about to open. Could you take a moment […]

Email template to request an intake meeting From a recruiter to a hiring manager

Subject Line:  Meeting with the hiring team in regards to X position Dear (Hiring Manager’s name), I hope this email finds you well. I am writing this email to schedule a meeting with you, at your earliest convenience. During this meeting, we will discuss the different requirements and candidate profiles for the (job title) role […]

Employee referral bonus program announcement

Subject Line: New: Employee Referral Bonus Program Hello everyone, I hope this email finds you well. We are looking to grow our team with talented and ambitious individuals like you and this is why, here at company X, we are initiating our Employee Referral Bonus Program. This program is designed so you could help us […]

Employee referrals from external network

Subject Line: We are hiring! Help us find our next (Job title). Dear (the recipient’s specific name or organization’s name), I hope this email finds you well. Here, at (your company’s name), we are looking to hire for the position of (Job title).  We are reaching out to you to ask for your help in […]

Refer a friend for a job

Subject Line: Refer a friend to work with us! Dear Everyone, I hope this email finds you well. We, at (Company’s name), are always eagerly looking to grow our team and hire talented hard-working individuals, just like you. If you know of any individual who would be a great fit in our company, reach out […]