Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Why test candidates for emotional intelligence: An employee’s performance is governed by many factors, one of them being their Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient (EQ). EQ plays a significant role in determining whether a candidate is the best fit for the position they have applied for and this is in turn, gives employers and hiring […]


How to interview entry-level candidates This interview type has its own challenges because junior candidates lack professional experience and therefore it can get difficult to measure and assess their work skills. However, having a predetermined technique of targeted entry-level questions can help you decide which candidate is the best fit for the position. During entry-candidate […]


How to interview for an intern: Internship positions offer companies the opportunity to connect with recent graduates who can apply their theoretical knowledge and experience to fill short-term business goals. After you hire for an internship role, make sure to check your local labor laws in regards to working hours and wages. You can post […]

Part-time job

What you should know before hiring part-time employees: Part-time work usually indicates weekly employment for less than 40 hours per week. Companies hire on a part-time basis for many reasons such as: Catering to increased demands during specific seasons during the year such as holiday season in retail. Place an employee under a part-time probation […]

Remote job

This sheet of interview questions is to help employers ask the right questions to identify the best candidates and thus, determine who is fit for the job position and is able to perform well while working remotely or physically in the office. What to ask candidates for remote jobs: Keep in mind that when you […]