“Hirebee Bespoke2022” Program

Hirebee has officially launched “Hirebee Bespoke 2022” Program

Exciting news! We have now officially launched our annual Hirebee Bespoke 2022 Program, a unique program that brings together HR industry leaders and experts to create the world’s first hiring solution customized by HRs for HRs.

Whether you are an HR specialist or an HR Coach, a Recruiter, or a Talent acquisition specialist, we strongly invite you to join this vibrant community and make your mark in shaping this future-fit hiring solution.

A growing number of HR Industry representatives have already joined the Hirebee Bespoke Program during our 2020-2021 enrollment. You can get inspired by our success story and join our program today. 

Why join our program?

As the world of business and work evolves, HR is facing new demands that traditional hiring solutions can’t meet, such as hiring the most relevant candidates and nurturing a diverse workforce, streamlining and optimizing hiring like never before. Now it’s time to rethink the way businesses hire talent and help them find tailored solutions for specific talent problems.

That’s why Hirebee is here to help HR future-proof recruitment and cover all hiring needs starting from creating a job requisition to hiring top talents. 

As a professional in this field, together with our community, you can have your routine impact on the world’s first hiring solution customized by HRs for HRs. Within the Hirebee Bespoke 2022 Program, you can talk about your hiring troubles, find the best solutions, test them, and even in return for your efforts earn a rigorous commission for each referral of Hirebee to other companies.  

Only 100 seats are available for Hirebee Bespoke 2022. Secure your participation before it’s too late. 

Here’s what you get with the Bespoke Program:

  • Membership to the world-class community of the HR leaders, TA and recruitment specialists.
  • Access to the innovative hiring tactics, insights and strategies.
  • Participation in webinars and global community events.
  • Free access to the world first hiring solution customized by HRs for HRs, test it practically and tailor it for your own talent needs.
  • High commission by sharing your experience and referring new partners. 

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