Rethinking HR. Summing up the results of Hirebee Bespoke 2021 Program

2021 was a tough year for HR. Many businesses were struggling to adapt to find talents globally and adapt to the new normal, while others just froze their hiring. 

In this struggle against Covid-19, small to midsize businesses had to become more conscious about their finances and resources.

In spite of all this darkness emanating from the pandemic, there were remarkably positive changes as well. 2021 was the year where HR and recruitment were repurposed. 

Hirebee, which is the fastest-growing hiring solution in the post-covid world, took on the responsible role of guiding all HR industry leaders and decision-makers to make their mark in building the world’s first hiring solution truly based on HRs’ contemporary needs. That is why we have launched the Hirebee Bespoke 2021 Program. 

Hirebee Bespoke 2021 is a vibrant community of Talent leaders, recruiters, and field experts, where they can share their hiring needs, find the best solutions for their concerns with Hirebee, and even join our commission-based referral program to grow the movement.  

Hirebee Bespoke 2021 has found a great response among our partners and HRs worldwide, helping them to rethink their HR processes and scale by using innovative tactics with Hirebee. Within this first program, we have had 150 participants, among which were the representatives of Fortune 1000 and other leading companies from 70 countries. They have not only joined to find the solution they need for their businesses but also to contribute to the grand mission of shaping the future of recruitment.

“This was a very useful initiative, due to which many businesses could explore a new way of recruiting talents and adapt to a new normal. I am responsible for the recruitment of 2 companies in France. Within the Hirebee Bespoke 2021 program, I got a unique chance to share my professional thoughts with the HR community leaders, exchange HR troubles via BespokeChats and get all the necessary solutions for each of them. I have also subscribed to the Hirebee hiring solution to optimize the whole recruitment process and hire talents globally for various vacant positions”- said Marie Antoinette, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at P&C International recruitment agency. 

According to our survey, which was conducted after the first Hirebee Bespoke 2021 program to estimate its effectiveness, almost 75% of participants rate the program as being extremely important nowadays, particularly as program research shows Hirebee Bespoke Talent leaders have the power to shape the world’s first hiring solution tailored to the needs of businesses.

“I have joined this program from Canada and it was extremely useful to test Hirebee features and measure the added value of Hirebee. It is above the traditional applicant tracking systems and offers an entirely new tool-set to source and screen candidates with AI algorithms, keep direct links with candidates, schedule and send bulk emails to candidates, and even integrate the platforms you want to automate your workflow. That’s why our company has switched from Breezy to Hirebee”,- shared his success story Mark Brown, SPHRi, Lead Talent strategist at TouchIT. 

Overall the results of the first Hirebee Bespoke program were astonishing. During the program, participants have compared Hirebee with other solutions and have found it to be the most innovative and intuitive, referring it to other businesses and recruiters with our commission-based referral program. Overall, we have had Bespoke referral partners from various countries, where they have earned up to 6 figure rigorous commission. This program has encouraged all of us at Hirebee to continue innovating to show exclusive results in 2022. 

You also can be part of Hirebee Bespoke and have your own impact on the developing HR field, as it’s ever-growing.

You can also sign up for a free trial of Hirebee to recruit new talents confidently. 

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