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Insurance consultants help business and customers access risks associated with insurance services. They also provide advice to businesses on how they can cover insurance liabilities. Insurance consultants should have a background in finance or consulting.

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We are searching for a highly observant Insurance Consultant to render accurate support on behalf of our steadily expanding firm. The Insurance Consultant should discern clients’ insurance requirements, deliver appropriate guidance, and clarify presenting uncertainties. You should also strengthen onboarding and team building endeavors.

To ensure success as an Insurance Consultant, you should exercise helpfulness, ensuring the swift resolution of our clients’ concerns. Ultimately, a superb Insurance Consultant will establish rapport with every client.


  • Memorizing current insurance packages.
  • Reviewing clients’ needs to identify suitable insurance packages.
  • Gauging prominent risks to ascertain appropriate payment amounts.
  • Issuing non-binding insurance quotations.
  • Processing clients’ valid insurance claims.
  • Fielding our clients’ queries and recommendations.
  • Supporting newly-appointed Insurance Consultants by issuing sound advice.
  • Partaking in scheduled and impromptu company events.


  • High school diploma.
  • A Finance-intensive qualification is preferred.
  • Demonstrable experience as an Insurance Consultant.
  • Receipt of an Insurance Consultant license.
  • Laudable statistical modeling techniques.
  • Ability to utilize digital spreadsheets.
  • Fine-tuned interpersonal, problem-solving, and referral capacities.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Well-honed telephone etiquette.
  • Availability beyond routine working hours.

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