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Genetic counselors are responsible for providing advice for genetically-inherited conditions. They assess the risks of inherited diseases and possible birth defects that could occur. Genetic counselors should be familiar with the genetic code of humans.

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We are searching for an analytical Genetic Counselor to discern patients’ existing and prospective, constitutionally-based disorders. The Genetic Counselor should unpack patients’ medical histories, select appropriate tests, and evaluate patients’ genetic data. You should subsequently convey your findings and guide concomitant decision-making.

To ensure success as a Genetic Counselor, you should demonstrate evidence-based decisiveness and empathy-driven counseling techniques. Ultimately, a superb Genetic Counselor should promote the accessibility of pertinent scientific data.


  • Unveiling patients’ concerns and medical histories.
  • Discerning suitable testing procedures.
  • Inspecting genetic data to gauge patients’ existing and predictable diagnoses.
  • Sharing and contextualizing test outcomes.
  • Easing patients’ adjustments following upsetting diagnoses.
  • Steering patients’ decision-making processes non-intrusively.
  • Issuing thoughtful referral suggestions.
  • Conferring with contracted physicians to devise useful interventions.


  • Master’s degree in Genetic Counseling or suitable equivalent.
  • Receipt of or progress towards a pertinent doctorate is preferred.
  • Genetic Counseling certification will be highly advantageous.
  • Suitable licensure, if needed.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Well-honed laboratory, instructional, and referral techniques.
  • Commendable counseling skills.
  • A decisive but non-intrusive disposition.

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