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This sheet contains System Engineer interview questions that help you find the most qualified candidates who possess software management skills. Similar job titles include System Administrator.

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System Engineer interview questions:

System Engineers are in charge of optimizing and maintaining internal information systems that support fundamental business processes. Furthermore, they are in charge of software design and development to ensure that the system’s performance, security, and availability are all at a high level.

The ideal candidates for a System Engineer position should have a strong technical background and be well versed with troubleshooting. During the interview time, you could incorporate questions to understand the scope of their experience with using automation software and scripts that you need for your vacant job position. It is also very important to choose candidates who are able to come up with effective solutions for any system malfunctions within a timely manner. Therefore, if needed, you could add an assignment for a better evaluation of your candidates’ skills.

Moreover, prospective candidates for the System Engineer position should also have an interest in industry trends in addition to their software management skills for them to stand out. Therefore, your ideal System Engineer candidate is a professional who has experience in researching, suggesting and implementing new applications for the betterment of existing work systems and to improve effectiveness and user satisfaction.

Computer Science questions:

  • Explain to us in detail how DNS works and when should you back up DNS?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using cloud applications?
  • How would you describe a disaster recovery plan?

Role-Specific questions:

  • What are the ways you follow to make sure that your technical documentation is up-to-date?
  • What was the most recent piece of server software you installed?
  • How would you troubleshoot a slow website? Explain to us in detail and step by step the approach you would take to fix it.
  • What are the ways in which you manage system configuration?
  • What is your knowledge regarding virtualization and containerization? Please elaborate on your experience working with tools like VMware or Virtualbox.
  • WHat is your experience with tasks regarding a SQL server deployment.
  • What are some of the tests that you would conduct to ensure a smooth functionality of an application.
  • How do you fix a bug problem on a program while it is running?
  • What is your knowledge in regards to the Java Scripting API? Give us an example of a use case.
  • What do you think is the best automation Windows Software?
  • If we would like to start using a new system, who do you think of collaborating with, for the development, testing and implementation of the new system?

Behavioural questions:

  • What are some of the resources that you would use (forums, websites and books) for you to keep yourself updated with the trends of engineering?
  • What are some of the problems you have come across the most in operational systems after deployment?
  • Explain to us a time when you were responsible for presenting in front of your team. How were you able to convey and explain technical details to a non-technical audience?
  • What has been your most difficult engineering challenge to date?

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