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This sheet offers you a comprehensive list of Technical Recruiter interview questions that will help you to assess your candidates’ skills and to recruit the best fit for the vacant position.

You can check the interview questions for both Recruiter and Executive Recruiter job positions, for similar roles.

Technical Recruiter interview questions:

Technical recruiters are in charge of finding, interviewing, and evaluating candidates for IT jobs. Additionally, they are responsible for placing employment advertisements on technical websites and networking with prospective candidates.

Candidates for this position typically have a background in HR or IT. Furthermore, technical jargon and roles should be familiar to candidates with HR experience. You should ask pointed questions to see whether they can distinguish various IT jobs and to learn the extent of their familiarity with tech platforms such as (e.g. Github and StackOverflow). Candidates with an IT background should know how to interview prospective candidates for different positions within your company and should have relevant work experience. 

You can tailor these questions and shift them to suit your specific hiring requirements. Look for applicants with technical knowledge, especially if you require them to evaluate the qualifications and responsibilities of prospective candidates for different positions within your company. If your Technical Recruiter job includes being present at events and/or hosting meetups, assess candidates’ ability to network and be able to select those candidates with the ability to help your company’s employer brand grow. It’s best to select someone who is organized, efficient, and can multi-task for fast-growing engineering teams.

Operational and Situational questions:

  • What are two or three buzzwords you identified in technical job descriptions? Give us some examples of words or phrases that you would use instead?
  • Provide us with examples of questions you would ask to a hiring manager in order to understand more about the job requirements for a vacant position inside their department?
  • If we were interested in doubling our engineering team size in X months, what would some of the sourcing methods be that you would utilize?
  • What would you do if an applicant withdrew your job offer one day before their start date, and your runner-up candidate wasn’t as qualified for the job?

Role-specific inquiries:

  • What are the differences between technical and non-technical recruiting?
  • Do you use online tech forums to find candidates? Which ones, if any, have you utilized in the past?
  • How do you prepare yourself for a technical interview?
  • Which roles have proven to be the most difficult to fill, and why?

Behavioural questions:

  • Tell us about a situation when working alongside a hiring manager was difficult. What challenges did you face and how were you able to overcome them?
  • Give us an example of a moment when your proactive candidate sourcing helped you shorten the time it took to fill a position.
  • How do you get in touch with LinkedIn-sourced candidates? How many times do you follow up if your initial outreach was not successful?
  • Explain thoroughly how your online or offline networking skills were fundamental in helping you establish a strong pipeline of prospective candidates.

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