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Email template to request an intake meeting: From recruiter to hiring manager

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Email template to request an intake meeting: From recruiter to hiring manager

Subject Line: Meeting to discuss the intake of (X) position

Dear (Hiring Manager’s name),

I hope this email finds you well.

I am writing this email for us to schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience so that we can discuss the specific requirements and eligibility criteria for all the prospective candidates for the (job title) position that is about to be posted externally.

Could you think about the essentials of the vacant position and the hiring procedure before we meet? Here’s some of the information that I need, for example:

  • Types of job position (full-time or part-time, permanent or fixed-term contract)
  • Employment wages
  • Responsibilities of the job position (five to ten main tasks)
  • Eligibility criteria (including relevant professional work experience and knowledge of specific tools and platforms).
  • Methods of evaluation (such as screening calls, online quizzes, assignments, etc.)
  • Agenda (preferred start date)

Also, if you have any specific individuals in mind who would be a great fit for the vacant position (internal candidates or former applicants), please let me know during this discussion so I can contact them soon.

I’ve attached a job description template [that was used for a similar position] that you could utilize to draft the vacant position’s job description. You can change, remove, or add job responsibilities and requirements. Alternatively, we can work on the frat together during our meeting, if that would be easier for you.

Please find below the dates/time slots that work with my schedule and reply back with your preferred time slot so we can finalize our meeting day.

  • Tuesday 8/24, 9-10 AM
  • Tuesday 8/24, 4-5 PM
  • Wednesday 8/25, 2:30-3:30 PM

If these time slots do not work well with your schedule, please let me know what your availability looks like and we will arrange a mutually convenient time. [Also, please let me know if you believe we need to include anyone else from the hiring team in this meeting.]

Thank you so much.

Kind regards,

(Your name)

(Your signature)

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