Ultimate candidate profile

Ultimate candidate profile

Hirebee’s candidate profile makes storing candidate information and managing candidates through the pipeline optimal. All the information related to the candidate is available in their profile; including their CV, source, candidate history, tags, where they are in the pipeline, their AI ranking, additional amendments made by users on the profile, and all other relevant information. In addition, you can manage key actions regarding the respective candidates directly from the candidate profile. For example, you can add feedback with candidate scorecards, send test tasks to your candidate, schedule interviews, communicate with the candidate via email, change the candidate’s status, add attachments to the candidate’s profile. Furthermore, everything which involves the candidate profile can be managed directly within the dashboard — without having to leave it. The candidate profiles make it easy to manage and review everything and anything related to your candidates, in a nice compiled dashboard. A pleasantly designed candidate database with actionable and robust candidate profiles is what every hiring team needs in order to navigate candidate data with ease and facilitate their candidate relationship management.

Candidate feedback forms

Candidate feedback forms help users take your team’s judgements into account when making a decision on candidates. The candidate feedback forms made by you and your team are available for the entire team to see on the candidate’s profile. Collaborated hiring can make your decision making process more objective and unbiased, and makes communicating opinions on candidates easy. Make hires that you know the team is content with.
Interview Scorecards with Hirebee

Mail inbox

Candidates can be directly contacted through their profile with mail integration. The mail inbox in each candidate’s profile shows conversation the user has had with the candidate, and can be used to send emails to the candidate. This feature is very convenient when you are reviewing candidates, and would like to quickly send emails and follow-back on your conversations with them. It is convenient because you do not need to open your email, find the specific candidate’s email, search and filter through your inbox to find your previous conversations with them. Our mail inbox is an overall simple tool which makes emailing candidates way easier than the conventional manual methods of opening your inbox and searching old conversations.

Contact & Additional details

The candidates’ contact details that they provided, such as their phone number, email and social media are all available in their profile. Their location and source are also listed. Additionally, there are single-click actions which users can utilize to quickly manage their candidates. Such actions include: assigning the candidate to jobs, inviting them for another job, adding them to a group, adding them to your calendar, adding a reminder, sending a job offer, blocking them (their future job applications will not show up with the rest of the applicants) and changing their status (moving them through the hiring process). Moving candidates through the pipeline is now an easy process, whilst the key functionalities are preserved to ensure that hiring teams can take all the necessary steps to hire the right candidates. You have everything you need within one dashboard to keep your candidates flowing!

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