Direct link with the candidate

Direct link with the candidate

Through mail integrations, you have a direct communication link with your candidates through their profile. Additionally, you also have a general mailbox, where all your email exchanges with your candidates are visible, and you can also compose, respond to and reply to mails. The general and candidate mailboxes help keep your relationships with candidates centralized within the system. It is simply more optimal to have purpose-built inboxes which are only used to communicate with your candidates. You won’t find yourself searching through emails to find lost mail, as all your conversations are visible within each candidate profile.

A general mailbox

Your entire hiring team will have a general mailbox of their own. Here you’ll find all your email exchanges with candidates. Functioning exactly like a normal mailbox, the general mailbox is useful for monitoring your email exchanges; looking at replies to your sent mails, tracking the status of your sent mail and revisiting your previous conversations. A better way to manage your relationship with candidates, the general mailbox will keep you updated with your conversations. A specialized mailbox will help you keep your communications more organized, make mail easier to respond to and make candidate communication more convenient. Track your relationship with your candidates whilst working.

Individual mailbox within candidate profiles

Whilst the general mailbox makes it easy to track your relationship with all of your candidates, the individual mailbox makes it easier to track your relationship with each individual candidate. You can communicate directly with each candidate through their profile, which is great for improving the candidate experience and improving the time-to-hire, as communication with candidates is faster and more encouraged due to its ease. And your entire conversation history is also visible in the mailbox. Whenever you need to ask your candidates for additional information, send tasks to candidates, invite them to interviews or communicate for any given reason, simply entering their profile allows you to send them an email directly from the system.

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