Candidate history

Candidate history

For candidate relationship management, recognizing the exact stage in which the relationship with the candidate is situated, is extremely important. This is why Hirebee provides a full audit log, whereby every action taken with a candidate is recorded and displayed. Of course, knowing things like the hiring stage which the candidate is in is displayed clearly and the logs shouldn’t be looked at, but more in-depth information such as how many jobs the candidate has applied for, what hiring stages they have previously made it to, email exchanges and other valuable information is all available within the candidate history.

Comprehensive audit log with all actions

With our audit log, all events regarding a candidate profile are recorded in that candidate profile. Such events include, addition to the system, interview invitation, status changes, job invitation, email exchanges, feedback forms, added attachments, job assignment, taggings, grouping and in general any adjustments made or actions taken with the profile. Your hiring team’s visibility of the recruitment process and the depth of information available makes for a transparent and collaborative recruitment process. Audit logs can be used to stay up to date with the progress of candidates, to refer to previous decisions made and to know that the data will always be there to track back to.
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