Advanced grouping and tagging

Advanced Grouping and Tagging

Having an extensive candidate database can only get you so far if you’re unable to extensively organize your candidates. Along with our many other features which help hiring teams organize their candidates, advanced grouping and tagging is one of them. Tagging is a way for hiring teams to add more data to candidate profiles, which can then be used when filtering and searching for those candidates. While grouping is a way to add candidates to a certain group, based on whatever variables hiring teams want, and taking and managing key action with the group in bulk.


Candidates can easily be added to groups from their candidate profile or from the applicant list and talent pool. Once added to the group, your groups and the candidates within can be viewed from a section in the side-panel. You can use this feature to group candidates, and then review them by groups, or use the group function to send bulk mails and invite candidates to apply for a vacant job position

Using Tagging

You can add tags to candidates upon adding them to the system, and directly from their profile. You can tag whatever tags you would like to, which would help you filter out and differentiate your candidates from the rest later on. As mentioned, tags (or hashtags) can be used to conduct filtering and searching in your candidate databases. The principle is simple, you can add data to your candidates upon review or insertion to make your life easier later on. With Hirebee, you’re fully equipped to organize and manage your candidates as you like. There’s no better way to manage your recruitment data organization and management than with Hirebee.

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