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Recruiting Email Templates

By using the template below you can fasten the process of sourcing candidates for sales positions. In the template there are typical features and qualifications of sales positions, however, you can add your own details as you’d like.

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Subject line: We are hiring a (job title) at (company name)

Dear (Candidate name),

I hope this email finds you well.

My name is (your name) and I am the (your job title) at (company name). I am writing this email to reach out to you as:

  • I noticed your profile [for example, on Twitter or LinkedIn] and was very impressed by your extensive experience with [insert specific software, such as SalesForce, or a specific field, such as Pipedrive sale tracking software]. I was particularly interested in your [insert specific achievement or collaboration that piqued your interest]. We’re searching for a [job title – add a link to the job description] to join our team whose primary responsibilities will include managing [insert sales-related project]. We strongly believe that you are a great asset to join our team and would strongly encourage you to apply and therefore, I would love to schedule a call meeting you so we can discuss the details regarding the position.
  • I came across your profile [e.g. or Quora ] where you talked of your passion towards the seminars that you frequently attend to develop your [e.g. Public Speaking and communication skills.] We’re always interested in growing our team by hiring individuals who can confidently represent themselves and our firm professionally. We currently have a job vacancy: [job title – add link to the job description] to our sales team right now. We strongly encourage you to apply and we would love to schedule a call meeting with you so we can discuss more details and get to know you more.
  • When you applied for the [Job title] position at our (company name) (including time, e.g. 2 months ago), we had the opportunity to meet and get to know each other. Even though we chose to move forward with another candidate at that time, we have always kept you in mind for future vacancies as your profile stood out. During our interview, your communication and presenting skills were really excellent and therefore, we believe that you would be an excellent fit for our [job title – add link to the position]. This is why I would love to schedule a call meeting with you to discuss more details regarding the position and to learn more about your recent engagements and experiences since our last meeting.
  • I encountered your profile [for example, on Instagram or LinkedIn ] and was particularly impressed by the way you communicate and respond to [for example, clients or individuals.] We at [Company name] are continuously searching for methods to strengthen our customer relationships. Therefore, we’d like to add a [job title – add link to the job description] to our team who will communicate with customers [e.g. via email and/or social media]. We strongly encourage you to consider this position and this is why I would love to schedule a call meeting with you to discuss more details.

What is your availability looking like for this week? Would (include many dates and time slots) work with you? Please reply back with your top two choices at your earliest convenience so we could schedule a meeting that works for the both of us. If you prefer meeting via Zoom or Skype, that could also be an option.

Have a great day!

Kind regards,

(Your name)

(Your signature)

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