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You can use the template below to request your employees to be a referral for their friend for a job. The template can help you have an idea how you should use referrals to cover positions for jobs.

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Subject Line: Refer a friend to work with us!

Dear Everyone,

I hope this email finds you well.

We, at (Company’s name), are always eagerly looking to grow our team and hire talented hard-working individuals, just like you.

If you know of any individual who would be a great fit in our company, reach out to us and let us know. We want to make this process as easy as possible and therefore, you could refer us a friend by answering the below questions:

  • What is the name of the individual you are recommending and how have you met? (e.g. X is a former colleague from Y company).
  • What is the most suitable role for the individual you are recommending? (e.g. senior-level position in the Sales department).
  • What is their main field of specialty and their most important skill that they could contribute to our company (e.g. solid knowledge of X HRIS system and experience managing payroll for large companies)
  • List one of two skills and explain why they make the friend you are recommending a good coworker, if you have previously worked together (e.g. time-management, public speaking, team player). 
  • Provide one reason why you believe this individual suits within our company (e.g. has a large network and can help us increase our reach, is very creative and takes initiative with new ideas regarding web design, can remain organized and work well under pressure and in fast-paced environments.

Also, please provide us with your friends’ contact information and attach their resume when you reply back to this email.

(Mention if you offer your employees a referral bonus program and the criteria needed to be considered for this program, e.g. if the friend you recommended gets hired, you will be eligible to get one additional PTO day as a bonus).

Do not forget to always check the careers page for any vacancies in our company (add link). Also, do not hesitate to reach out to (add appropriate person’s name and contact information, e.g. a recruiter’s name and email) when you have any questions or concerns about the referral process.

Thank you so much.

Kind regards and stay safe,

(Your name)


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