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Recruiting Email Templates

By using the template below you can try to recruit people for a certain position via external referrals from other companies and networks.

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Subject Line: We are hiring! Help us find our next (Job title).

Dear (the recipient’s specific name or organization’s name),

I hope this email finds you well.

Here, at (your company’s name), we are looking to hire for the position of (Job title). 

We are reaching out to you to ask for your help in filling out this job vacancy of ours. We are always excited to collaborate with talented individuals like you and are confident that you could help us with your resources and connections.

The (job position) that we are looking to hire, will have many responsibilities including (1-2 key duties and link the job description, e.g. this person will join our team of mobile developers and will be responsible for improving our IOS applications).

 It is also important to add some of the must-have requirements for the position such as; (experience with Swift and interest in mobile technologies are mandatory for this position).

The position that we are offering is a great opportunity for a (job title) who is interested in (working in a diverse and inclusive environment to serve customers like X, Y, Z and be part of a growing team to help build X products/join our X team, work with high-end technology and attend global conferences that will help them develop professionally).

If you can recommend us individuals who have the right criteria and can fit into the company culture, then it would be great if you could inform them of this position and encourage them to apply {by emailing their resume and contact details to (the relevant staff email)}.

Please feel free to respond back to this email with any questions you may have and you could also reach me at (1-444-555-2222).

Thank you so much.

Kind regards and stay safe,

(Your name)

(Your Signature)

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