VivaTech 2022. Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive science – innovations that shape the FUTURE OF WORK.

Viva Technology 2022 was a fantastic event that brought together thousands of people to celebrate technology, showcase the power of the human mind, share, learn and experience innovation for a 4 full-day event in the heart of Paris, France.

“Future of work” being one of the main themes of the event was an ideal fit for Hirebee to be showcased at the event. So it was truly a rewarding experience for Hirebee’s team to be part of the biggest tech and startup event in Europe.

With this article, we have summed up some of the notable challenges in the future-of-work space, as well as outlined a number of products showcased at VivaTech that offer innovative solutions to those challenges.

The key challenges almost every business faces today.

1.  Talent scarcity and the shifted paradigm in hiring 

2.  Employee training and upskilling

3.  Mental health and fitness 

4.  DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging)

5.  Quality of work life

  1. Talent scarcity and shifted paradigm in hiring

Talent scarcity remains a key challenge for so many industries and particularly for tech companies. Despite lay-offs announced by big tech companies, the talent shortage is still a threat. Based on insights our team continuously gets from customer demos, a diverse range of industries, that used to have location-based hiring, are now widely considering new avenues such as relocation, outsourcing entire functions to third-party service providers, or hiring entirely remote teams. 

Remote hiring is not the only component of the shifted paradigm in hiring. To succeed, businesses largely adopt diverse digital tools for interviews, skill assessment, and matching. Neufast, for example, is a multilingual video interview cloud for diversity recruitment. Sapia uses natural language processing and machine learning to support unbiased mass hiring by analyzing text and video interview content during the recruitment process.

  1. Employee training and upskilling

Learning and development have traditionally been an important component of the People function within the organization. However, major changes that affected our workplaces during the past 24 months, have brought a new agenda for businesses – training employees in new skills to close the skills scarcity gap. But given Web 3.0’s innovative capabilities, the use cases of VR, AR, and Metaverse are being utilized in the employee learning and development space. Jungle VR, one of the startups showcasing at VivaTech helps large corporations by developing and distributing customized and mission-critical AR/VR training experiences.
To better assess employee training and upskilling needs, traditional software can no longer keep up. Goshaba, an HR tech startup at VivaTech helps companies employ soft skills with the help of cognitive science-based video games.

  1. Mental health and fitness

Dealing with mental health at the workplace has been part of many international large-scale companies, like HSBC Group, which launched a psychological hotline quite a while ago. However, it was during COVID that addressing mental health-related issues gained momentum. Today mental health is a top priority for many businesses across the globe. One of the solutions at VivaTech that we really found appealing is Mood Work, which helps employees seek anonymous help when it comes to mental health-related matters at the workplace. 

  1. DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging)

Many employers have adopted DEIB principles and values, however, to fully embrace DEIB all stakeholder engagement is vital from senior management to junior staff. Gamino, an HR tech we met at VivaTech provides a digital platform to employers, who want to raise awareness about different aspects that are part of DEIB. The Seed, a new startup, proposes video games developed based on years of research in social sciences, that help companies to address different DEIB issues in the workplace, boosting the adoption of diversity and inclusion across matrixed organizations.

  1. Quality of work life

Quality of work life (QWL) is part of employee experience. This was perhaps one of the most discussed topics at VivaTech as every HR officer or company leader is deeply concerned with this subject. The quality of work life inside the organization indicates how likely employees will perform well, will stay and develop further with the company, will realize their potential, and be happy at the workplace. Measuring the quality of work life is not one of those easy tasks. Companies use different solutions both digital and offline to measure and continuously improve the quality of work life. A solution called Bleexo, which services a number of France-based big-name companies, uses a holistic way to assess employee experience, define the gaps, and provide comprehensive analytics for decision-makers. 

To sum up

The future of work is multidimensional.

  • Today employee experience is no longer just about the nice perks we provide, it is about caring for each other and the families of our people.
  • Today we have to deal with mental health challenges at the workplace and explore creative ways of ensuring the team’s well-being.

    To thrive in the new changing world, companies need to foster value-based hiring free from bias and even borders. That is why, at Hirebee, we are 100% committed to helping businesses build diversity-focused hiring processes, enable structured collaboration between the team and ensure sustainable growth right from the first interaction with the potential candidate.

Hirebee is an end-to-end AI-powered solution for global hiring. We help hundreds of talent acquisition managers every day to source, attract and hire the best talent locally, virtually, and globally.

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