How Hirebee, Berkeley startup is boosting recruitment with AI technology

Evidently, the Covid-19 pandemic has created short-term disruptions and long-term changes in all industries of businesses worldwide. Having to face the new realities, businesses have started to revise their strategies on multiple fronts, including human resources, where businesses have been struggling to find the right matching talents, boost diversity in their teams and hire from global talent pools to close the skills gap.

Unfortunately, the traditional hiring solutions which these businesses rely on have been unable to respond well to these emerging difficulties and have proven to be too static to adapt. In response, Hirebee has developed a future-proof hiring system that is a perfect fit for the post-covid business environment. Hirebee’s hiring solution is 100% data-driven and enables hiring teams to hire globally and find the best matching candidates.

Our AI-powered screening engine utilizes Natural Language Processing to screen candidate resumes and match them with job requirements. We use proprietary algorithms, millions of job descriptions from leading marketplaces to train our models, and feature engineering built on our years of talent acquisition industry know-how to create an unparalleled matching based on the below criteria:

1) Candidate background and skills;

2)Company’s hiring patterns and decisions;

3)Hiring manager or talent acquisition manager feedback.”

Vahe Avetisyan, co-founder and CEO of Hirebee.

“So when we talk about recruitment automation, we mean the AI-powered post-pandemic solutions which cover the entire value chain of recruitment starting from creating job announcements to sending an offer to the candidate”. 

In this scope, Hirebee ensures all processes are optimized and data-driven, so businesses can make collaborative decisions and scale-up.

The biggest benefit of Hirebee’s AI capabilities is that it makes world-class innovations accessible and affordable for businesses, empowering an inclusive labor market for all its players. The level of AI-powered tools Hirebee embeds help to level the market and ensure sustainable growth. That’s why Hirebee has been invited to be exhibited at the World AI Cannes Festival, the epicenter of the global AI ecosystem. Here with over 120 exhibitors, including IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, SenseTime, and Veritone, Hirebee is showcasing the modern hiring solution to thousands of professionals on the lookout for new tools to address their business challenges and boost their recruitment.”

Luiza Avetisyan, co-founder of Hirebee.

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How Hirebee, Berkeley startup is boosting recruitment with AI technology

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