How COVID-19 Has Diversified the Talent Pool

‘’Build an eye that moves with the storm, draws energy from it but creates a platform of dynamic stability within it,’’ said New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman on the changes in businesses during the pandemic and how they need to return to work and begin restructuring the future of the workplace.

Given the global pandemic, the question of the future of talent acquisition remains a major debacle. At a time when companies have access to a large and diverse talent pool due to remote working, it is important for them to tap into this potential. Companies need to ensure that they identify and attract the best talent at every stage of the recruitment process and phases of talent acquisition.

Could we be at war for talent as remote recruiting continues to propel the remote job economy?

COVID 19: Recruitment And The Evolving Landscape 

With the ever-growing competitiveness of the recruitment world, companies need to be equipped for some of these dynamic changes in the talent acquisition market. Teams and organizations have been able to socially connect and grow across the world in what one would call a ‘borderless’ way, particularly from previously untapped booming tier 1 talent from emerging markets globally. Businesses now have to change recruitment processes and re-evaluate their current approaches.

As some industries begin trending down, there is an equal number trending up and increasing their staffing to cope with the new plethora of opportunities as well as challenges to meet the demand. For instance, healthcare, pharmacy, food, and supply chain industries are currently witnessing a surge in their services.

Preparing Businesses To Get Better Talent 

As the job landscape continues to alter, virtual recruitment and other tools remain significant for talent acquisition specialists and employers for turnover and optimizing the HR function further. Businesses need to be equipped to attract and retain diverse and global talent.

As an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Hirbee seeks to leverage technology to improve the efficiency of current recruitment practices by working on existing gaps. The main features of Hirebee are its recruitment marketing and candidate management strategies. The former includes social recruiting, multiposting with job board integrations, and candidate experience.

Tried And Tested Features 

Moreover, the applications on the career page are easily customizable. These enable companies to use appropriate tools to brand their company pages, social media, and as well as job postings. The visual tool also enables employers to customize some of their job descriptions to bolster candidate experience. The user is able to easily customize application forms as well. Candidates can also take quizzes and can be kept engaged in different ways.

Hirebee’s unrivaled user-friendly interface provides additional services to companies like customizable workflows, extensive data storage, and integrated job boards such as platforms like Glassdoor, Indeed, monster, headhunter, among others. In this way, they are able to form better connections and wider networks with potential and prospective candidates. Hirebee also integrates with Facebook, and Twitter to further increase job visibility.  Employers are to set up branded career pages with great ease. Employers are able to communicate a company’s vision with appropriate visuals, photos, and data on the interface.

The candidate management system allows for fully customizable job application processes and advanced screening questionnaires. Recruiters may also easily filter candidates as well as group and segment candidates. With an easy and manageable pipeline, they can also maintain efficient communication channels with their existing and potential candidate pool.

Overall, traditional recruiting seems to be a thing of the past as employers seek to tap into an all-new talent market. Given the multiplicity and complexity of our current informational era, the revolutionary breakthrough in tech-driven recruitment today is truly globalizing our job market today.

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