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5 Best Tools for Remote Working Adoption

Remote Working has taken the labour market by storm. With COVID forcing employers who have the capacity to adopt the practice, but had concerns about the productivity of staff with that model of work, to adopt the practice or disintegrate. Consequently, people are realizing the benefits of remote working, and negative myths about remote working are being busted. It is probable that this will accelerate the normalization of remote working, making it become the new norm post-COVID! But the truth is, not every business succeeds with remote working, and not every business had a positive experience with the practice amid COVID. Although, this is usually due to the lack of experience with the practice, complemented by the absence of relevant technology to bolster team productivity and sustainability. This is therefore why we have put together a comprehensive list of tools for adopting remote working.

1. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting: tool for video conferencing.

GoToMeeting is a video conferencing tool, specialized for businesses. Collaborate with your team remotely with fast and secure connection. With GoToMeeting, you can deliver powerful presentations with up to 3000 attendees, which is great for making announcements or conducting hands-on meetings. Deliver web-based support to employees and customers, and have easy access to your work from anywhere. With an industry-leading 99.95% uptime, GoToMeeting is an extremely reliable video conferencing tool to ensure that you can collaborate and engage with your team anytime from anywhere, with deployments to almost all desktop and mobile platforms.

2. Hubstaff

Hubstaff: tool for time-tracking.

Hubstaff is an all-in-one work time tracker for managing field or remote teams. Its primary purposes are boosting team productivity, automating team management and identifying money leaks. The software provides solutions for time tracking, productivity monitoring, reporting, GPS tracking, online timesheets and automated payroll. Ensure maximum efficiency for your remote team with Hubstaff. Allocate your time and resources better, understand who is having problems in the team and adopt a transparent process to get your entire remote team on board.

3. Officevibe

Officevibe: tool for team engagement.

Officevibe is an easy-to-use engagement platform made for busy managers who care as much about their people as performance. Indeed, one problem cited by employees working remotely is disengagement from the team. Well, with Officevibe, you are solving this problem as collaboration and interpretations of the work environment come first, as it provides users with an ongoing 3-step circuit that strengthens any remote team. These three steps are: the provision of an instant safe space, employees describe how they feel and what they need with the Safe Exchange anonymity engine; the standardization of openness, with response to feedback and dissection of survey results, followed by 1-on-1 discussions with team members to get to the heart of any issue together; and collaborative action, with team-based plans being put in motion, then you garner feedback and start the loop again! Surveys, conversation engines, anonymous feedback, top-notch HR advice, invaluable integration and much more to ensure that your remote team feels appreciated and acknowledged with Officevibe!


A lot of emphasis has been put on productivity, but the next two in this list are here to bolster sustainability, which is equally important in the long run!

Hirebee is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which is talent acquisition software which lets you track applicants on a single platform. Hirebee provides users with an intuitive all-in-one recruitment solution — with extensive data storage for resumes and candidate profiles; customized workflows, email templates and requisitions flows for personalized and powerful process creation; automated communication with candidates with email integration, to keep candidates informed on their status throughout the process; powerful reports and analytics; advanced search engines with keyword searches and good filtering/sorting capabilities; collaboration with the hiring team with feedback and interview scoring cards; interview scheduling; employer branding with a customized and visually appealing career page builder; and seamless job posting with hundreds of job board integrations to source candidates according to your needs. Increase the size of your candidate pool with Hirebee, to ensure that you’re hiring the best talent available. Thus enhance your remote team with the best talent globally, to improve and sustain the quality of your remote team efficiently.

5. PayScale 

PayScale: tool for compensation management.

PayScale is a compensation management software which provides users with extensive salary data. The software helps employers understand the right pay for every position and communicate about compensation. Hiring for remote work also means hiring in locations which you’re not familiar with, with salaries and costs of living in that area being important to determine the salary of remote workers. Companies can choose to use different strategies to determine the salary of the remote worker: whether it is according to the living prices of the area or with the salaries paid to other employees in their business. Both of these have their pros and cons and depend on the company’s talent acquisition approach, but these decisions need to be made with sufficient data and information. Get access to trusted crowdsourced salary data, with 65+ million salary profiles, and 2000+ companies representing 2.5 million employees participating in PayScale’s surveys and access to third party surveys. Get actionable insights with powerful reports and use PayScale with ease. On the whole, accelerate your compensation processes, streamline survey participation, easily activate data and get easy access to data.

In conclusion, we recommend you to use these tools to adopt remote working efficiently and develop a productive and sustainable model. Prepare for the post-pandemic world by equipping your company with the necessary tools to adopt remote working.

Levon GH.

Levon GH.

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