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This email template is an example of an email that you can send to a successful candidate. You can offer them a follow-up interview with the CEO or an assignment to test their abilities. This will make you more confident in your choice of hiring this prospective employee.

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Email Subject Line: [job title] position interview at [company name]

Dear [Candidate] / Hello [Candidate],

We appreciate you taking the time to meet with us regarding the [job title] role. We enjoyed getting to know you, and we believe you’d be a wonderful fit for this position.

As a further step, [we would like to invite you to an interview with our CEO / VP of Engineering where you will have the opportunity to further discuss the responsibilities of this role and raise any questions you have.]


In the following step, we’d like to send you an assignment that is an example combining a few of the job responsibilities. You’ll have the chance to demonstrate your abilities and gain a better understanding of what the job entails.]

In the event that you agree, kindly respond to this email, and I will [arrange the interview] or [give you the assignment along with instructions]. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you so much!

Looking forward to your response.

[Your name]

[Email signature]

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