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This email template is an example of an automatic email that can be sent out to all candidates who submit an application for a job position or any other opening. You could use this email to inform your candidates of the next steps of your hiring process and what they should do in the meantime.

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Email Subject Line: Thank you for applying to [Company name] / for your application.

Hello or Dear [Candidate Name],

We appreciate your interest in the [Job title] position with [Company name].

We would like to confirm that we received your [application/resume/portfolio]. All submissions are now being reviewed by our hiring staff, and we will schedule interviews soon [in the next weeks, for example]. You will hear from us If you are one of the qualified applicants, [for example, by phone or email] to set up [for example, a phone interview]. In any event, we’ll let you know how your application is progressing.

Once again, I appreciate you taking the time to apply for this position with [Company name].

best wishes,

[Your name]


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