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The purpose of this page is to provide a list of questions for group interviews. In order to conduct a group interview, candidates should be asked the following questions and red flags should be noted.

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I have provided a sample list of questions to be asked during a group interview. Make sure you make the right hiring decision by using these ideas when conducting a group interview.

The purpose of conducting a group interview

As group interviews allow multiple candidates to be evaluated at the same time, they are time-saving

Interviews are conducted as part of the recruitment process. In addition, they are useful for testing candidates’ abilities

The ability to work in a team, communicate effectively, and manage stress.

If you want to conduct a group interview, consider the following:

  • We are seeking candidates for roles requiring interaction and collaboration
  • Candidates with equal qualifications are being screened
  • Several candidates are being considered for similar positions 
  • A tight deadline is required to cover seasonal hiring needs

A candidate’s answers are evaluated during an individual interview. The advantage of group interviews is that you will be able to assess how candidates react to the answers of other candidates as well as how they behave in a team environment. Candidate characteristics include:

  • Listen well to others
  • Effectively utilize their persuasive skills
  • Positive personalities set them apart from the competition

Candidates should be asked the following questions during a group interview

  • Give a brief overview of your career history, along with a brief description of how you would like your career to evolve.
  • Is there anything about the job advertisement that appealed to you? How does our company appeal to you?
  • What makes you a good candidate for this position? What is your contribution to the company’s goals?
  • What’s your biggest professional achievement so far?

An assessment of a group activity using interview questions

  • How did you contribute to the team?
  • According to you, what were the main reasons for your team’s success or failure?
  • Compared to other team projects you have worked on, how similar or different is your approach (e.g., how you delegated tasks)? What was the most difficult problem you had to solve in a very short period of time?
  • What would you have done differently if you had had more resources and/or time?

An effective group interview can be conducted by following these tips

  • In order to provide candidates with ample time to prepare, it is important to inform them early on about the interview format. As well as stating how long the interview will take and who will be conducting the interview, you should also provide the name(s) of the interviewer(s).
  • Group interviews can be stressful for participants. The process should be explained and a brief description of the company should be provided. Introduce yourself to the candidates in order to break the ice. Keeping the discussion casual at this point may make everyone feel more comfortable. Congratulations to candidates who have passed the resume screening process.
  • To ensure that candidates are not influenced by each other, it is important to select questions that require unique answers. Is your experience suitable for this position based on the experience you have? People who answer later in the interview may be able to benefit from questions that have an obvious right or wrong answer, since they will be familiar with the thoughts of the first contestants.
  • Consider breaking your group interview into smaller teams who are assigned a challenge, such as solving a riddle, presenting, or building something out of unusual materials. Instead of concentrating on the results, observe how candidates collaborate with one another, prioritize tasks, and come to a decision.
  • A candidate with an extrovert personality is likely to steal the spotlight from a more reserved participant. It is important to allow each candidate sufficient time to express themselves. However, candidates who lack confidence might not be suitable for roles in which they must interact with customers (such as salesperson roles).
  • Ask candidates if they have any questions before the end of the group interview. Once all participants have been thanked for their time, inform them of the next steps.

Flags of concern

  • Uninterestedness. It may take several minutes for each candidate to be asked a question, depending on the number of candidates. It is likely that they are not very interested in the process or the job if you observe signs of boredom (e.g. yawning or checking their phones).
  • An arrogant attitude. It is important for candidates to make a good impression, particularly before their competitors. Nevertheless, if they attempt to overshadow other candidates by interrupting them or being rude, this indicates that they are not good team players.
  • The behavior of aggression. The activities of the team can assist in weeding out rude candidates and those who claim to know everything. The ability to lead is a positive sign, but only if the candidate is respectful of the opinions of others.
  • A lack of interpersonal skills. Check the candidates’ reactions during breaks and when other people are talking. What is their level of politeness and friendliness? The lack of interpersonal skills is evident if they are distant or subtly laugh when someone gives an unusual answer.
  • Participation is low. Leadership does not come naturally to all individuals. Candidate who step back during the team activity and allow others to make all the calls might also be more passive on the job.

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