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This list of Dispatcher interview questions will offer you guidance throughout the interview process to evaluate the necessary skills that are required for the vacant job position.

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Dispatcher Interview Questions:

Dispatchers serve as vital communication links for all parties involved. They can work for shipping firms, where they assign tasks to truck drivers and serve as their point of contact, or at emergency response centers, where they answer incoming calls. They can also work as aircraft dispatchers.

Although some certifications may be required (e.g. emergency dispatch), there are no set educational qualifications for this position. Having previous experience with dispatching or working in call centers is advantageous. On the other hand, if you are able to train new employees, they can learn and master skills like the use of dispatching tools or radio functioning procedures required for the work position.

You should personalize your replies to the role during the interview. In emergency response facilities, for example, crisis management skills may be more crucial than in other settings.

It’s possible that knowledge of the law will be necessary for this position. All candidates, in general, should be assessed based on their communication skills, ability to remain calm in high-stress circumstances and skills of working independently. You could employ behavioural and situational questions for this purpose.

Operational and Situational questions:

  • Do you have any experience with dispatching equipment?
  • How well do you know the criminal laws of this county?
  • What would you do if you got a call from a terrified individual who was speaking incomprehensibly? How would you respond?
  • Consider this scenario: one of the truck drivers phones you and tells you angrily that they have been assigned to the incorrect cargo. What would you do to fix the situation?
  • How do you feel about being on the phone all the time?

Behavioral inquiries:

  • Explain a situation when you had to reach a tough decision without the help of your supervisor.
  • Tell us about an overwhelming stressful situation? What did you do to maintain your level of performance regardless of the stress?
  • Provide us with an example when you had to multitask. Were you able to succeed?

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